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Living the Harmon Life

Hi, my name is Amy, I'm wife to one and mother to two - Stanley (6) and Delilah (2). We share our home and hearts with our crazy little sausage dog - Peggy. We live in Essex and spend our time trying to squeeze in adventures between our busy work schedules.
Whats there to say about me...
I'm addicted to tea - I'm sure its not normal or healthy but I drink at least 8 cups a day and can't function without it - yeah that doesn't sound very good for me now I'm reading that back.
I'm obsessed with all things sausage dog. My house is like a shrine to sausage dogs. If I spot something in a shop that has a sausage dog on I physically can't leave without buying it.
My brain works much faster than my body. I'm permanently tired because there's so many plans and ideas whizzing about up there and no time or energy to make it happen but it's the thought that counts right?
I love sewing! I'm completely self-taught and love making outfits for the whole family! This also means I love fabric and therefore will never be rich!

Joe is my Husband and honestly the kindest, most hardworking man I know (I'm totally biased but it's true!)

Stanley and Delilah are my polar opposite children they are chalk and cheese, completely different from each other but totally perfect in their own ways.

I blog about all things parent and lifestyle related as well as all my sewing makes and projects.

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Amy Harmon x

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