What I Eat in a Day

I absolutely LOVE reading and watching what people eat in a day! I'm sure the majority of you probably find it very boring and I'm just super nosy but I love reading it so lets hope I love sharing it too!

Until recently my day started with a big fat nothing! I'm just not a breakfast kinda girl. So on a non-working day I will usually do the school run on empty and then stick the kettle on as soon as I get home. But now (with my health kick in full swing) at this point I will also make some porridge, just organic plain oats, water, and a splash of milk and topped with chopped banana and dates. I'm not gonna lie, I don't love it. But it definitely keeps me full till lunch and makes my little head happy because I feel like I've done good by my body.

My all time favourite lunch in the whole wide world is Pitta bread and Hummus. I buy Tesco wholemeal Pitta which I toast and cut into fingers and the Caramelised Red Onion Hummus and then dip the fingers into the pot. I would have this every day if I could, I love it! But lately I am trying to mix things up a bit as I have realised a whole pot of flavoured Hummus every day is not as good for you as I initially told myself. I usually have this with my second cup of tea of the day.

When Stanley gets home from school the kids usually have an afternoon snack. I like to join in with this as it then keeps me going until dinner. Depending on what I'm doing changes my choice of snack. On this particular day I am going to the gym before Dinner so I had a slice of homemade fruity flapjack to give me energy. But other times I will have an Apple or Rice cake.

When I get home from the Gym I am absolutely starving! So if possible I like to make the dinner before I go so that I can just reheat it when I get home and Lentil Bolognese is just perfect for a night like this. I use a traditional recipe and just substitute the beef mince for lentils as I am trying to cut down my meat consumption as well as completely illiminate red meat from my diet (due to some stomach issues I have had.)

I feel like I have a fairly balanced and healthy diet at the moment and yet I seem to be putting weight on rather than losing it! I'm hoping this means I'm gaining muscle from going to the gym but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading, I hope you find this interesting.

Amy Harmon x

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