Brexit: The Failure of Democracy

I'd like to start by saying that obviously I am not a political expert and this is therefore nothing but my honest opinion on our country's situation based on my own research and headlines read in the tabloids. 

In June 2016 we as a nation, much to many peoples surprise, decided to leave the EU. David Cameron had promised that this would be a decision for the people by the people. A decision not to be made by politicians.

Fast forward 2 years and we find our government in a state of utter disarray . The PM has created a deal which no country would ever want to agree to. It states among other things that we must pay a staggering £39bn to leave a group of un-elected bureaucrats who sit up in their ivory tower watching the so called ‘ smaller countries’ fall into bankruptcy whilst they line their own pockets by striking deals with other counties at the expense of fair trade and the rights they claim to stand for. I would like to point out that when Greece joined the EU they were in quite good shape as a country, through their huge tourism trade and their export of olive oil. Then people which the Greeks did not elect decided that they must reduce their olive oil export by a staggering 80% in favour of the Italian export. I wonder how that decision was made? I wonder who’s pockets were lined in that deal? And I wonder how many of the EU politicians and our own will suffer a massive loss of income and power WHEN we leave the EU.

It is my belief that this is the reason they have struggled so much to get any sort of agreement when it comes to delivering what we: the people of the nation have decided: to leave the EU. 

The men and women who sit on those green benches are elected by us. To serve us. For us and to uphold the decisions we make. That is how democracy works. It is the very foundation of which our nation sits upon. We were, up until very recently the envy of the political world with our parliament, our system of democracy, our honour code and values. Even Adolf Hitler’s opening Gambit in ‘Mein Kamfpt’ describes how jealous he is of our great system.

But now we have become a joke, a laughing stock to the world. Never has the speaker of the house had to say 'order orderrrrrrrrrrrr' over and over again. Never has so many people chosen by the people for the people been so out of touch with the people. I see why the PMs deal was turned down (and by turned down I mean blown out of the water by record numbers) as it was a poor poor deal and yet none of the other 400+ members of that house can offer any sort of alternative that even half of them can agree with. 

We won’t agree on the PMs deal
We won’t agree on No deal
We won’t agree on a second vote
We won’t agree on a ‘hard Brexit’
We won’t agree on a “soft Brexit’
We won’t agree on customs union
We won’t agree on a hard border with N.I
We won’t agree on staying in the single market
We won’t agree on leaving the single market

The list goes on and it really really does and what concerns me is the fact that our vote appears to be being ignored. Apart from a handful of politicians they seem to be doing everything in their power to remain in the EU. They will not make a decision that means leaving. To ignore our voice. To ignore their job as our chosen representatives. And if they are choosing to ignore our democratic vote then the whole system breaks down.  If The Government fails to deliver on what we demand then they are as corrupt as we all suspect and if they decide to ignore us then what’s stopping us from ignoring them? The system would collapse if we all decided, like they have, to ignore the rules of society then the country would collapse and we would have street riots and civil war.

This is an extreme example of course and im sure it won’t come to that but in my humble opinion if the PM approached the EU 2 years ago with the mindset of ‘you need us a lot more than we need you’ Then all of this could have been avoided. If the PM had gone to the table with a deal that massively favoured us and our interests and said here are the terms of us leaving the EU if you don’t accept them then we will leave without a deal and begin making trade deals worldwide ready for March 29th. We would have seen how quickly these EU bureaucrats changed their tune. How quickly they would want to make deals with us to continue to line their pockets.

Instead we went there cap in hand almost begging and apologetic to try and get a deal that wouldn’t punish us too badly. A deal that would keep us in good stead with a lot of people who I don’t know and didn’t vote for. A group of people who are only interested in themselves

They don’t know what they’re doing. Nobody believes in them. Nobody trusts them. And I have never felt so uncertain about the future of the country. I worry about my children and what world they will grow up in if we agree to a bad deal that makes us weak in the eyes of the world.

I do not know  why everyone is so certain that a no deal Brexit would be so terrible. What facts is this based on? At what point in history and we draw experience from to back up these claims ? Do people really believe that around 100,000 jobs would be lost overnight? That there wouldn’t be enough food to go around? That all the ports would be shut? That all the trade we do with the EU would suddenly stop? That all the work we send and recieve over the channel would stop? People fear there unknown I get that but fortune favours the bold and so long as our politicians deliver what we the people decided then we will as we have always been be just fine.

I Believe in democracy. I believe the right thing will be done.

And if not well then our final days will be interesting.

Gadge ‘out  aka  Mr Livingtheharmonlife

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