Revamping our Kitchen on a Budget

As you will know if you follow my instagram account we moved house in December. It was awful timing and just 2 weeks before Christmas but we were desperate to get moved into our forever family home.
Being parents with 2 young children and in the middle of the festive period, we moved in and couldn't do anything to the house! It kind of killed me and I was desperate to start putting our stamp on it.

We celebrated our first Christmas in our new home and had such a lovely time. But with Christmas out of the way thoughts quickly turned to the house. Delilahs room was the worst so we got that ticked off the list first. The kitchen wasn't really on the list, as I knew we were no where near being able to afford a new kitchen and wouldn't be for a really long time! But one Sunday morning I woke up with a bee in my bonnet and decided I was fed up of the magnolia! So a quick trip to B&Q and I was ready to give the kitchen a quick revamp.

We were lucky in the fact that all of the cupboards are solid wood and had actually already been painted so I picked up some Valspar wood paint in Eggshell and decided on a blue/grey colour. After a quick sand down the cupboards painted really well and after 2 coats they looked brand new and I was really pleased with the colour.

The kitchen tiles were obviously also magnolia so I picked up some new paint in B&Q specifically for painting tiles - V33 renovating tile paint in Cotton Satin. I then had the wall paint matched to the tiles with the Valspar matching service that they offer in store as I loved the colour so much against the blue cupboards!
Unfortunately the worktops are pretty naff! But there's not a lot I can do about that at the moment. The floor is also grim but luckily Hubby is a floor fitter and has some new grey vinyl tiles in the garage ready to lay when he's not actually at work!

Im really pleased with how the Kitchen has turned out and I'm sure I will be even more pleased once the flooring is laid. The whole kitchen was revamped for approx £130 and a couple of weekends of working. Which meant I had a little left over to treat myself.....

Thank you for reading,

The Harmons x

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