How I Learnt to Sew

When I announced I wanted a sewing machine for Christmas 3 years ago my family thought I had lost the plot. 'Your'll never use it!' 'It will just collect dust!' were some of the comments I was faced with. But I had an idea in my little head and was determined to prove them wrong.

I had been buying leggings for Stanley on and paying through the roof to have them shipped from America because there wasn't much choice here in the UK. So my dream was to be able to make him leggings myself in fabrics he could choose himself. By this time I was also pregnant with Delilah and hoped that eventually I would be able to make beautiful little skirts and dresses for her too.

So 3 years ago for Christmas I received a sewing machine from my parents and threw myself into watching hours and hours of youtube videos in the evenings. It took a while until I felt confident enough to try it myself and there was a lot of trial and error.

I remember one day Stanley was at nursery for 5 hours and for almost the full 5 hours I was trying to sew without putting the presser foot down!! I was ready to throw the stupid machine out of the window and then suddenly realised I had simply forgotten to put the presser foot down. So my advice would definitely be to persevere!

The first thing I ever made was this wonky triangle! I was very proud!

But a lot of YouTubing later and very quickly I was making outfits for Delilah's baby sensory classes. I bodged together some leopard print shorts and an afternoon tea themed skirt and then there was no stopping me! And my proudest moment came when I made these bloomers for Delilah, posted them on Instagram and got lots of likes and comments which meant other people liked them too!

I had realised that to be able to make leggings really well I was going to need an overlocker. So the following Christmas I asked for an overlocker. My parents brought me the one they do on special in Lidl and I must say its been brilliant!! I joined lots of sewing groups on Facebook and read all about what sewing patterns were best. I was so shocked when I managed to whizz up a pair of leggings in about 20 minutes!

 I have never been to a sewing class and I hated textiles at school so much. I had never even sewn a button on so you really don't need experience to be able to start sewing. Youtube is a fantastic tool and there's videos to teach you almost anything. In fact I still use YouTube when I need to rethread my overlocker.

We got married in May 2018 and to be able to pay for a honeymoon I took on two jobs, so sewing kind of got left behind a little bit and I lost my love of it for a while. 2 kids, 2 jobs, a house, a husband and planning a wedding is hard work!

But I have recently quit my second job and we have moved house. My husband has very kindly created me a sewing room in the spare bedroom. My sewing journey is back in full swing and I am currently in the process of making my first selfish sew. My current goal is to create full handmade Disney wardrobes for our trip to Florida in November, so watch this space if you love Disney clothing.

I have found that having a project to focus on has really helped with my anxiety. I'm not sitting there in the evenings worrying about this, that and everything but instead dreaming up my next sewing project and searching the internet for amazing fabrics. So sewing really has been good for my soul!

Thanks for reading, we hope you stick around!

The Harmon x

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