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In our house we love to read. Stanley and Delilah (now she's old enough) both have a story before bed. After baths we get them ready into their pyjamas and they either choose a story together or one each. Usually they can't agree so I read to one of them while Joe reads to the other.
We have built up quite a collection of kids books, so big that we have run out of shelves to store them. So I thought I would let you know which ones are the favourites in our house and why.

1. Odd Dog Out (Rob Biddulph) - We only recently purchased this book and honestly were drawn in by the fact it's about a sausage dog! But this book is fantastic and portrays such a brilliant message to the kids about not being afraid to be who you really are, which I think is really important! Such a brilliant message and pictures of sausage dogs, this one is definitely the best in our eyes.

2. Stick Man (Julia Donaldson) - Pretty much every Julia Donaldson book is a hit in our house. I love reading them because they are so easy to read as they all rhyme. The kids find them really easy to listen to and Stick Man is their favourite because of the cute little stick man and Santa at the end.

3. There's a monster in your book (Tom Fletcher) - This is one of the stories both of the children can agree on and they absolutely love it! Each page asks the child to do something, shake the book, turn the book, shout at the book etc. They love to get involved and Delilah finds it hilarious. Although probably doesn't have the same calming effect before bed that the other books have on the children.

4. Elmer (David McKee) - Both of the kids enjoy this book but I think this is a regular read in this house because I love it so much! I vividly remember reading this when I was a kid and colouring in pictures of Elmer at school, and now I love being able to read it to my own children.

5. Stanley the Farmer (William Bee) - There is a whole range of books in the series all about Stanley. We love these ones for obvious reasons and anyone with a little boy named Stanley should give them a read. We've borrowed most of them from the library at one point or another but have Stanley the Farmer at home and this is currently Delilahs favourite because she thinks she's reading all about her big brother!

These are our current top 5 books although we enjoy lots of others and our favourites are always changing! If anyone has any other suggestions for us to give a read then a comment below would be very much appreciated! Happy reading!

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