Technology and our Children

Almost 4 weeks ago now we were going off on our little Familymoon and on that morning I suddenly panicked! Will the children behave on the plane?! How will we keep them entertained and meltdown free? So what did I do? I headed straight to Argos and picked up a £60 Amazon tablet. I feel like we are quite late to the party with Stanley being nearly 6 years old, his friends were getting iPads for their 3rd birthdays!

I've always been so against the children having technology. Of course they watch TV but definitely no TV's in the bedrooms! I'd rather their growing brains were filled with imagination and books. But I'm the biggest hypocrite!! I am completely addicted to technology I'll admit it! If I don't have my phone I literally feel like I'm missing a limb. How can I enforce a 'no technology' rule when the children see me with my phone literally all day! So in a desperate bid to keep the peace on the plane I purchased the tablet.

It definitely had the desired effect for the duration of the flight and both kids were almost silent for the whole flight. But when we checked into our hotel, thats where the trouble started and I realised that my initial judgement on kids having technology was infact 100% correct!

We were in a 5 star all inclusive resort with a waterpark, kids club, endless amounts of food and entertainment. But what did Stanley want to do? Sit in the room playing on his tablet. He went from being my kind, loving 5 year old to a preteen with an attitude to match within 24 hours. When he was  playing on the tablet I would get responses like 'NO! WHY DON'T YOU DO IT YOURSELF!' or 'NO! I'M BUSY!' Trying to get him to get dressed was a daily battle and he refused to go to kids club and just wanted to sit in our room. I couldn't work out what had happened to my little Stanley.

When we arrived back home the attitude continued. He cried because he didn't want to go to school, he sneaked his tablet into his bedroom and we found him hiding under his duvet and 10pm playing some superhero game. That was when I realised that the tablet was the reason for his change in behaviour.

The tablet has now been banned in our house and only comes out when we have a long car journey or he needs to sit quietly during a wedding ceremony.

I now believe technology such as tablets and games consoles have their time and place where they are helpful but children and their growing minds get sucked in and addicted so quickly its actually quite sad. Let them put some wellies on and get muddy in the garden, let them get some pencils and paper and draw whatever they imagine. There is so much time in their life where technology will have its place and actually be a necessity but for now let them be little!

We are now on a mission to reduce our screen time for all of us. As I said before I can't enforce a rule and not stick to it myself. So time on my phone has been dramatically reduced and you know what? I feel so much better for it. I plan to continue monitoring technology and dread the time when the children are old enough to want Facebook and Instagram!
I'd love to know what everyone else's views are in terms of their children using technology?

Thanks for reading, we hope you stick around

The Harmons x

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