Watching Your Children Sleep - Who Can Relate?

Does anyone else sneak into their children's room and just watch them sleep, kissing their little foreheads and whispering 'I love you?'

I work at the out of hours Doctors so regularly get home at 1am and without fail I sneak into their bedrooms and do exactly this.
They look so peaceful, so angelic and for that moment I really can't believe my luck. I don't think I will ever tire of this.

Its funny really, because in daylight when everyone was wide awake they were running riot, demanding food and drawing on the stair bannister. They were smashing Weetabix on the kitchen floor, locking each other in the dog cage and laughing at each other picking their noses.

I was doing my deep breathing exercises so I didn't lose my shit, saying swear words under my breath and shouting 'NO' for the 145,356th time. I had exhausted time out and no one was fearful of me counting to 3. I was grateful to be heading out to work and avoiding bedtime!

And then in I walk at 1am and sneak in to watch them sleeping so peacefully without a care in the world, drinking in their perfection and realise how very lucky I am to have these two crazy children. I give myself a silent pat on the back, we've done it, we've survived another day and wipe the slate clean for tomorrow to be a new day.

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The Harmons

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