My Husband Is Better Than Yours

I hate to brag but my Husband is pretty amazing (Yes Husband still sounds insane even 3 months later.)
I met Joe in the Co-op when I was just 17 and working there as a General Assistant. He came in one day and asked me to help him find some tights, I quietly helped him choose with raised eyebrows assuming he was a crossdresser! He went on to explain that he was doing some roofing work and with it being January he was cold and didn't want to pay out for thermals (or so he says? Perhaps a cover up for the cross dressing?)

After that he regularly started coming in on my shifts and I had to serve him with blushing cheeks and butterflies in my stomach. He obviously made quite an impression as here we are 8 and a half years later, married, mortgage, 2 children and a puppy.

I'm not saying he's perfect - he's male? They just don't think the same way us females do. He leaves his dirty pants on the bathroom floor and throws whites in with a colour wash. He's cleaning standards aren't up to scratch and I'm terrified of his driving.

But for all his 'not-so-perfect-traits' he has 10 amazing ones! He gets up with the children at the weekends (even though he gets up at 5am most days) and lets me lay in. He brings me a cuppa tea and breakfast in bed and never moans about it, even if I don't crawl out of bed until midday.

He is the most supportive person I have ever met. Whatever I decide to do he is 100% behind me. If I wanted to quit my jobs tomorrow he would encourage me if that was what was going to make me happy. He's supportive of me blogging and instagramming our life and is happy to be the camera man when I drag him out at the weekends to photogenic places.

He puts my happiness way before his own. Im pretty much a spoilt brat at home and know that I can get exactly what I want. I wanted a Puppy, he let me have one, I wanted a MacBook so he went out and brought me a MacBook. I wanted to move house so we put the house on the market, now I want a third get the idea! But materialistic things aside everything he does is to make me and the kids happy.

He is the best Daddy with the patience of a Saint. I am very short tempered and there are days when he walks through the door after working 14 hours and I'm losing my sanity. So without a second thought he's cooking the kids dinner and getting them bathed and ready for bed. And then probably running me a bath and bringing another cuppa.

There is no one that I would want to be on this mad parenting journey with other than him. He is my best friend and we laugh and joke together in the evenings usually about how equally awful our days have been. He treats me like a Queen. He might not be perfect but he's perfect for me!

Thank you for reading, we hope you stick around,

The Harmons x

P.s. Joe if you're reading this theres a pair of Joules Wellies that will make me really happy!