Family Trip to Brightlingsea

So far we are absolutely loving the Summer holidays. I've loved being able to spend time with my biggest, loved not having to get up to an alarm and rush out the house and loved being able to have slow mornings until we decide what to do and where to go.

On Wednesday we decided to go to Brightlingsea. This is somewhere that brings back lots of wonderful childhood memories for me as I spent lots of sunny days here when I was little. Really theres not much there but thats what makes it so brilliant.

We set off early as the weather was supposed to be very hot and we wanted to miss all the traffic when everyone looks out the window and decides to head to the coast. We packed up the car with the kids swimming stuff and crabbing lines and off we went.

We found the carpark which was quite reasonable at £2.80 for most of the day ( I totally begrudge paying to park my car!) But it was right on the front and only a short walk to where we were heading.
The tide was on its way in so we set up for a crabbing competition. I'm not gonna lie, this was definitely more for me than it was the kids! Iv always loved crabbing and my competitive streak really came out, there was no way I was 'letting the kids win.'

Unfortunately Stanley was the winner ! And he definitely didn't let me forget about that for the rest of the day, so I can only assume he gets his competitiveness from his mother?

When we finally decided to call it a day with the crabbing it was time to get some lunch. There is a hut on the front that is fairly basic but seems to sell everything you would need. So we sat down and ordered some food. I had a tuna panini and the kids had hot dog and chips which they loved because it was served in a bucket and spade you got to keep!
You can't have a beach day without ice creams right? So once we'd finished lunch we had some ice creams!

When its high tide in Brightlingsea I can only assume the water comes right over the barriers and when it goes back out it leaves a pool for the kids to play in which is brilliant. The water only goes up to your knees so the kids can pretty safely play in it. It was full of children laughing and playing, just creating their own fun which is lovely to see.
We set down our blankets and me and Delilah played in the sand while Stanley played in the water.

Brightlingsea also has an outdoor pool but the queue for this looked insane as we arrived so we didn't bother but I've heard good things.
We had a brilliant day of not really doing a lot and was such a cheap day out I thoroughly recommend it. Obviously you can take a picnic with you too to try and keep the cost down as we all know that Summer holiday spending can spiral. We are very lucky with the weather at the moment, its not very often we can spend time outside doing free activities whilst keeping the kids entertained so we are making the most of it.

If you are thinking of going to Brightlingsea for the day then make sure you do!

Thanks for reading, we hope you stick around.

The Harmons x

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