Baby Names I Love

As you might have noticed I have titled this post 'Baby Names I Love' and that's because me and Joe DO NOT agree on baby names at all!

Baby Names Joe loves would be a very short post and just include the name Sarah! Bloody Sarah!
I on the other hand love an unusual name but get reined in by Joe's boringness and have ended up with two children with semi-popular names (but I obviously LOVE them!)
So I've chosen my top 5 girls names and top 5 boys names that I would definitely consider using if we were to have another baby and Joe didn't get a say what so ever!

I'll start with Boys because I find boys names really difficult!

Ralph - This is my favourite boys name after Stanley of course! When we went on holiday to Lanzerote there was a lovely family we got talking to and they had the sweetest looking little boy called Ralph and now I just associate it with being a really cute boys name! Ralph was top of the list if Delilah had been a boy and I think Joe actually loved it too.

Eddison - I'm not sure if this is really a name or if I've made it up but either way I love it. Both of my children have a 7 letter name so this would fit fantastically with those. I love that it's unusual but shortened to Eddie sounds very normal.

Perry - I think this is a little too boring for me but I think it sounds like a cool name because it reminds me of Fred Perry so to me sounds trendy. Joe hates it!

Remi - I really like this name for a girl and a boy actually but think I would be more inclined to use it for a boy although I don't think it fits in very well with Stanley and Delilah?

Harley - I really like this popular name but Harley Harmon just sounds like some kind of pornstar!

Girls names come a lot easier to me!

Dottie - I absolutely adore this name and think Dottie and Delilah are just a match made in heaven! Being short for Dorothy this again fits in with our 7 letter rule! If I ever have another girl I will use the entire 9 months to grind Joe down until he agrees on this one.

Queenie - I did try to convince Joe with Queenie when we were pregnant with Delilah but he was adamant it was a no :( I've loved this name for ages and thought it was really unusual but actually there is a Queenie at Stanleys school!

Beatrice - This name sounds so pretty and perfect for a little girl but theres no way Joe would let me use it.

Betsy - I LOVE Betsy and definitely pushed for it when we chose Delilah. Joe was adamant that it sounds like a tractors name (I'm not sure what farmers he knows? Especially ones that have named their tractor!)

Tallulah - this name is a bit of a guilty pleasure. I don't think I would have the confidence to use is but salute anyone that has as I think it's beautiful!

So there are my top 10 baby names that I could potentially use in the future although Joe says no more babies haha! We'll see about that!

Thanks for reading, we hope you stick around

Tha Harmons x


  1. Oh, so cute names. I love Dottie among them all. Since I don't have children yet, I'll keep this list so I can get names whenever I have new kittens. :) :) :)

  2. Oh such good names! I love Betsy and Tallulah for girls and Eddison and Ralph for boys. So many good choices!

  3. Whenever I hear the name Perry I just think of ‘Kevin and Perry go large’ 😬. Loved how different all your names were though. Also, what made you like the 7 letter name theme?

    1. Joe thinks exactly the same about perry 😂 so I don’t think I will win on that one. I didn’t realise they both had 7 letters until recently, and now I think I have to carry on otherwise a new one would be odd!

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