Summer Holidays Bucket List

The Summer holidays are fast approaching and I genuinely cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. I remember this time last year crying my eyes out daily because I was so upset at the thought of Stanley starting school in September and not being my caring, thoughtful, cuddly little boy anymore. I was terrified that school would change him and he would be influenced by the children that weren't so sweet and caring. But a year on and he's still just as amazing and has a fantastic school report saying he is friends with EVERYONE in his class which fills me with so much pride. I have always taught him we must be kind to everyone and it looks like he's taken this on board.

Following on from my last post about Mum Guilt I have realised we need to make the most of the summer holidays and fill them with fun and memories so heres a little bucket list of the things I have planned so far.

  • Maldon Promenade park - The kids love the pirate ship playground and zip wire. They love the splash park and just sitting along the front with an ice cream. I love having a little wonder around the shops and some lunch looking over the water.
  • Mersea beach - We love the beach at Mersea. Its not touristy. You can just have a relaxed day at your own pace. Paddle in the sea, fish and chip picnic. Plus anywhere dog friendly is a plus I my eyes. 
  • Swimming - Time to pull up my big girl pants and accept that Im not a size 6 anymore. I have wobbly bits and thighs that stick together, I'm a mum? But both of the kids love swimming, and if they enjoy themselves then thats all that matters. 
  • Colchester zoo - everyone loves a zoo day. And its even better when I use my Tesco Clubcard vouchers and we all get in for free otherwise summer holidays can start to get a bit pricey.
  • Gosfield park - Just a simple day out but we love Gosfield park. I used to go here when I was a kid and loved it so now my kids do too. We usually pack up a picnic and spend most of the day here. Take a football and get a cup of tea in the little shop. 
  • The Stick Man Trail (Weald Country Park) - We haven't actually been here before, we have planned to for a while. But the kids really enjoyed the Gruffalo Trail so we definitely need to give this one a go over the summer holidays too. 
  • Great Notley Discovery Centre - The kids love this place and we definitely don't go anywhere near as much as we should. Its dog friendly which is great. Its a sort of nature trail you follow around and do the play activities on the way.
  • Dedham - This gorgeous little town is fun for everyone. I love the little craft shop, and the children love playing in the river and in the fields, we all love hiring a boat and going for a little row! 
  • Boydells Farm - This farm is not far from our house and is great for young kids. Its not very expensive to visit and completely hands on. You can feed the animals, cuddle the animals, brush their coats, as well as go on tractor rides around the farm. It's great!
Hopefully the weather stays nice for once during the summer holidays and we can go on all of these little family outings and adventures, otherwise I will need some suggestions on indoor activities we can plan instead. If anyone has any other suggestions of places to visit in Essex over the I'd love to hear them!

Thanks for reading, we hope you stick around.

The Harmons x

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