Our Weekend in Yarmouth

We have just got back from a mini-break at Haven Seashore Caravan Park in Yarmouth. We had never been on a caravan holiday and, if I’m honest, I didn’t have very high expectations but was grateful for the family time away. My parents used to have a little tow-along caravan when I was little and this is the image that I had in my head (pull out sofa beds, highly colourful furniture and a trickle of water coming from the shower.) However it turns out my 'image' was very far away from what we actually arrived to!

We didn’t arrive until about 10pm because me and Joe were both at work all day Friday, so came home had dinner and then set out at almost 8 o clock. This meant that we arrived very late but also that we avoided all of the traffic!
First impressions of the caravan were very good and all of my caravan stereotypes went out the window. This caravan was better equipped than my house! It had a dishwasher! It was clean, modern, overlooks the beach and the shower is more powerful than mine at home.

Despite wanting to explore we tucked the kids into bed ready for an early start....04:24 is not quite what I had in mind! Apparently the kids were far too excited to sleep so Daddy got up with them and let me lay in, but by 9.30 we were in the splash park and raring to go!

We had entertainment day passes which meant we could use all the onsite facilities which were all very good. The splash park was very clean and the kids loved it. We hired a family go-kart which was so much fun! The kids were squealing with laughter as Joe decided to take us off-roading (I'm not sure this was technically allowed) but it was great fun until we got stuck in the sand.

The caravan was in the best location and overlooked the beach, so we spent the afternoon in the sun, paddling in the sea and making sandcastles. We were lucky with the weather it honestly felt like we were abroad but even if the weather hadn't been quite so good there are so many activities on site and nearby that you would never get bored.

In the evening we went to the onsite pub 'Mash and Barrel' for dinner. This is a brilliant little set up with an indoors soft play area so you aren't bombarded with the constant 'I'm hungry, when's dinner coming?' from the kids. We enjoyed our meal and the desserts were lovely. We were able to have a couple of glasses of wine while the kids played and made new friends. Then we headed back to the caravan and with the kids in bed we popped on a film and had a cuppa.

As a family that went to Butlins last year and genuinely hated every second of it, we are shocked to say that we had a fantastic time at Haven Seashore and cannot wait to go back.

Thank you for reading, we hope you stick around

The Harmons x

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