Learning to be Me again

As a working Mum it is vary rare that I am just Amy. I'm either the doctor's receptionist being yelled at or I'm Mum (usually also being yelled at!)
Between the two it leaves very little time to just be me. So a couple of months ago I set myself a goal, and that goal was to just make time to be Amy.

The first thing on my list was to make time to go and have my nails done. Not only do I get some child free time but it also makes me feel better about myself if I've got a nice set of nails. So every two weeks I have been going to have my nails done and this week I even treated myself to some eyelashes!

I have also been making a conscious effort to walk the dog in the evenings. Usually we take her on a walk in the day time to give me and Delilah something to do, but lately I've been taking her for a walk by myself in the evenings and I can't even describe why I love it so much. My job is very full on, so to take half an hour in the evening to just walk in silence and clear my head has made a real difference to my evening routine.

Lastly I wanted to write a blog. Giving me something to focus on and again just spend some time being creative and just being me. When the kids are in bed I can sit and focus on my writing and my photos.

So far I have loved blogging. I've met some wonderful people on this online community who all go above and beyond to help you, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.
I'm definitely hoping to keep it up so that I have something that I am able to look back on with the kids as they grow up like a little online diary full of memories to treasure.

I think making time for yourself is very important but also something that gets forgotten about in the busy world we live in. We should all make time to spend time doing something we enjoy even if its just 10 minutes a day and see what a difference it makes.

Thankyou for reading, we hope you stick around.

The Harmons x

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