Thinking of moving?

Does anyone else search for hours on Rightmove just for fun? Looking at houses you know you can never afford? Or maybe you all have more exciting lives than me!

We were very lucky to be in a position to buy our first house when I was just 21. Our budget meant that our options were quite limited but we ended up purchasing a 3 bed end terrace house on an estate. It was in a bit of a state but we were prepared to do the work ourselves as it meant we could afford to have 3 bedrooms. Most of the other houses we had looked at (although in better condition) were only 2 bed.
Slowly we saved up and decorated room by room.

Fast forward 4.5 years and we are still not finished but I guess our motivation has come to a halt. Our heart is no longer in this house and we want our forever home. I'm torn between wanting a project that involves work or wanting to be able to move straight in and do nothing?

We know what we do want though:

  • Driveway is top of the list, after having Joes van broken into twice in 6 months we are desperate for a drive way (I know this probably won't stop the scumbags but it might help.)
  • A kitchen-diner, or potential to knock through to create a kitchen-diner.
  • Bigger bedrooms for the children. Both of our kids bedrooms are pretty much box rooms. They have no room for anything apart from their bed and chest of drawers.
  • We don't want to live on an estate. I have nothing against them and this one has served us well but to have a nice view from the windows or garden rather than looking straight at someone else house would be lovely!
  • Character! I'd love a bay window and picture rails!
  • And almost as important as the first point, space for a dishwasher!!! I must do the washing up about 5 times a day because I hate it sitting around. But then I wash up and don’t want to have lunch because I don’t want to wash up again haha. So to be able to have a dishwasher would be a complete game changer in my opinion.
I realise many list is quite long and we will more than likely have to compromise somewhere but here we are at the beginning of our moving journey. We have a few jobs around this house that need doing before we put it on the market - just some general tarting up to give a better first impression and fingers crossed we can put it on the market within the next couple of months.
Now I have an excuse to search Rightmove daily!

Thankyou for reading, we hope you stick around

The Harmons x

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