Potty Training Miss Independent

Delilah turned 2 in April and my mind quickly turned to potty training. Although I've always been a great believer of 'they will do it when they are ready' we are going on holiday in September and really want her to be trained before we go.
Her speech and understanding is amazing so I really thought she would pick it up super quickly! I was very wrong!

Definitely not a poo face, more a 'I want to get off!' face.
We got the potty out and expected her to sit on it just like Stanley had 3 years ago. But Delilah is Delilah and she isn't having any of it. She says she doesn't like it, she can't, its too big, its too heavy. She's Queen of excuses let me tell you!

I've tried bribery and give her raisins and brioche if she'll sit on the potty but she's not daft. She waits for the food then gets straight off!

I ask her to sit on the potty and she says 'I can't, it might be dangerous!'

I've let her run around naked, but we have endless accidents on the floor. She knows when she needs to wee and tells me as soon as she's done it but hates the potty and the toilet!

I guess we will have to go back to the belief that she will do it when she's ready, which she clearly isn't right now and hope that this time comes before our holiday.

If anyone has any advice or tips on training a defiant 2 year old that they would like to share then they would be greatly appreciated!

Thankyou for reading, we hope you stick around

The Harmons x

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