Our Wedding

Hello from the new Mrs Harmon. We've been married for a whole 8 days now and I wanted to write about our day to remind me of the details now and always! It passed in the blink of an eye and feels almost surreal that I was walking down the aisle to meet my soul mate just last week!

I was never the kind of girl that dreamt of their wedding day, I’d never put much thought into it. Just assumed id get married one day and that was that. But planning your wedding just kind of engulfs you and you suddenly realise you only have one shot (hopefully) to get this right and suddenly details you never thought were important are what keep you awake at night. 

We got engaged on the 15/5/15 with an eventful proposal at the top of the Shard! I won't go into details but basically I said no haha but just over 3 years later we are husband and wife.

The venue we chose was the first place we actually looked at. We saw it, we loved it, we looked at lots more but nothing compared. It was beautiful, everything we had wanted and also happened to be the cheapest - Bonus! We confirmed the booking in January 2017 and took a back seat thinking 'we've got loads of time.' But with two children and both working full time this time absolutely flew by and of course at the end we were panicking that we hadn't sorted everything.
I left choosing my dress until quite late, I was sure this would be the best part of the wedding planning so wanted to save it so I could still look forward to it. But with time running out I gathered all the family and off we went to 'Wed2be'. Tried on 8 dresses and left feeling completely deflated that I hated them all! In a panic I booked appointments with every bridal shop I could find. Eventually I found the one! It was simple and elegant which is is exactly what I wanted and also happened to be in the sale.

The theme we wanted for the wedding was rustic because of the barn venue we had chosen. So I wanted everything to look 'not done' if thats the right phrase.

The Table plan I made by wrapping a photo frame in brown stringand then poking tiny pieces of gysophelia through it.

We Found a brilliant local cake maker and went for a semi naked
cake with flowers and strawberries. And of course the biggest tier was

After the sleepless nights and worries everything came together fantastically and in hindsight I didn't need to worry about all the tiny details. All that really mattered was that me, Joe, the kids and our friends and family were there to celebrate with us. Now I'm left with the post wedding blues wishing I could do it all again but I can honestly say there was not a thing that I would have changed. The venue were fantastic and couldn't do enough for us and I cannot wait to get all of our photos back in 3 weeks time! Roll on the honeymoon!!

Thankyou for reading

The New Mrs Harmon xx

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