DITL - Mother of Two

Just in case you were planning to have a second child - Iv come along to completely put you off! I'll be nice and describe a normal day rather than the many disastrous days I could talk about (I'll save them for another time.) I usually work all day Monday and all day Friday so this DITL only really applies to tue/wed/thu.

Im not a morning person at all! And by that I mean I usually crawl out of bed 20 mins before the school run! Id like to say I was an evening person but Im definitely not that either! Im usually in bed at about 8pm watching Tv (Hollyoaks obviously.) So in a mad and panicked 20 mins I manage to dress all 3 of us, let Peggy out for a wee and give Stanley breakfast. I assume I look a state on the school run but hey ho! We leave to walk to school at 8:30am and Delilah usually has breakfast on the go in the buggy. 

So we say Goodbye to Stanley (well sometimes we say Goodbye, sometimes he gets peeled from me by the teacher) and head back home to begin the day.
When we get home Delilah tends to have a second breakfast, sometimes even a third and I have my first cup of tea of the day and a scroll through insta, with Ben and Holly on in the background. 

We try to go out and about daily, Tuesdays we tend to do the food shopping, Wednesdays we go out for lunch with my mum, and Thursdays are free to mooch around and take Peggy for a nice walk over the park etc. As I write this it is a typical Thursday and we have been round Freeport, collected parcels from the post office and been to the woods with Peggy. 

In-between all this I have the usual housewifey bits to do, clean the kitchen, put some washing on (I'm supposed to do washing but Im terrible at this and save it all for Joe at the weekend) clear up endless amounts of canine faeces from my hallway, make the beds, you get the idea.  

Come 2:45 and we are back out up to the school to collect Stanley. Im not sure why this is my favourite part of the day - I suppose I just like getting my boy back, but you can guarantee chaos descends upon us as soon as we walk through the front door. The two of them start fighting like cat and dog, all of my 'housework' gets completely undone and the front room looks like the local tip! The dog poos on the front doormat and Delilah runs around shouting 'Ewww whats that, whats that!' Stanley shouts at Delilah because he can't hear 'Ryans toy review' videos. Im trying to cook dinner, the dogs biting my sock, Delilahs raiding the fridge - yep its just chaotic. By the time we finally sit down for dinner Im ready for bed (hence my early bedtimes haha). 

Both kids get bathed.

By this point Joe may be walking through the door. Both the kids absolutely adore Daddy and heres why... They are usually in their PJ's all ready for bed when Daddy walks in, rugby tackles them to the floor, tickles them till they get hiccups, piggy backs them around the front room, teaches them some 'gangnam style' dance moves and completely hypes them up. He takes them up to bed and we alternate which child we put to bed and I can finally breath a sigh of relief and crack open the gin!

Each day passes in a blur, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done (maybe I should get up earlier? Probably not going to happen though so lets not kid ourselves.)

Sorry for the very realistic blog post, but what would be the use in describing everything through rose tinted glasses? 

Thankyou for reading, we hope you stick around.

The Harmons 

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