All about us

If you've happened to stumble upon this blog I expect you are wondering who we are? So let me tell you a little bit about ourselves. 

Im Amy, 25 living in Essex. Im a wife, I work full time and a mother to Stanley and Delilah (and Peggy the dachshund). You could say my hands are pretty full! I seem to get a buzz from being way too busy though, who gets a puppy 2 weeks before their wedding!? And then has to contend with toilet training a 2 year old and a puppy at the same time? Yep that would be me! 

My husband is Joe. Calling him my husband still sounds a bit crazy considering we've only been married a week and a half! He's a good egg! He works extremely hard, but consequently isn't at home as much as we would like but both the kids worship the ground he walks on. He treats me like a princess and brings me breakfast in bed every weekend. 

Stanley is our 5 year old. He's the biggest wimp and super emotional (just like me.) Loves all things power ranger and marvel but best of all loves cuddles with his mummy. 

Delilah is our 2 year old. She is determined, independent and focussed to put it nicely. She causes chaos but has us giggling daily. We wouldn't have it any other way. 

Together we muddle through each day and somehow we are all still here so we must be doing a pretty good job. I hope you stick around to see what we get up to.

The Harmons x

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